Death of the Diva


Death of the Diva: A One-Woman Musical Narrative Amanda Seales challenges pop culture’s portrayal of women, one hilarious character at a time! Written by: Amanda Seales / Directed by: Roger C. Jeffrey.

Women are fist fighting all over television Little girls want to be reality stars. The only female rapper in the mainstream is a Black woman that calls herself “Barbie” and many of the most talented ladies in the industry have become egomaniacs. According to tv/web personality, recording artist, & actress Amanda Seales, the Diva is dead.

In her latest project, a comedic musically infused one-woman show Amanda challenges pop culture’s portrayal of women one hilarious character at a time. Melding melody and monologue, this hilarious, thought provoking show calls out the cause and effect of the overwhelming number of negative images of women in today’s media and gives rise to restoring the balance.

Accompanied by a three-piece band, and video imagery, the show is dynamic and interactive compelling audiences to laugh, empathize, and nod their heads to the original musical numbers integrated throughout. A timely piece Death of the Diva invokes thought, raises awareness, and encourages movement towards countering the overwhelmingly negative position pop culture has taken in how women should be represented on media’s global stage.

For more info on the one woman show and the woman behind it all,  Amanda Seales, click here.


“Death of the Diva” A hilarious one woman musical from amanda diva on Vimeo.


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