Type in the word scandal in your web address and what will pop up is the new ABC television series called SCANDAL.  I am excited for Kerry Washington, who takes on the role of Olivia Pope, a powerful lawyer who uses her talent to save images and reputations of the elite. Her company is not a law firm and not quite a pr firm. But the combination of her skills as a lawyer and keeping secrets of the most interesting people is a good brew for SCANDAL.

Shonda Rhimes did it again! At least it seems that way, from the previews for April 5th premiere.  The story-line is different then Grey’s Anatomy, but what is similar is Ms. Rhimes candid way of sharing stories of strong women with powerful careers. This story is based on the true story of Judy Smith. A lawyer with a resume that reads… Assistant to United States Attorney and  Deputy Press Secretary to President George H.W. Bush. SCANDAL, tells Ms. Smith’s story of crisis management from business to personal. Enjoy!

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