The Hunger Games…Is it Reality?

The Hunger Games is about a reality show? Wow, I had no idea. I was curious about the film that had animated type characters as well as characters that look like something out of concentration camps.

Once I saw the film, I could not fight the strong correlation the movie had with today’s reality shows. After seeing two people selected out of thousands from their poor home town and brought to a place I call Hollywood. They were pampered and trimmed, given fancy clothes, penthouses to stay in and ate the best foods.

They were coached into what to say and do to become the popular character. Some was given more attention then others if they were thought to be likable character for sponsors. The sponsors supported the show, much like today commercials. They also supported the most interesting and strongest character. They provide them with things to survive the brutal jungle of human beings attacking one another to their death.

At the end of it all there is only one character that will survive. Much like the likable characters on reality TV that find themselves killing their opponents self esteem.  By the time the reunion show comes on, everyone knows who is liked the most. In most cases it is the loudest, the most rudest person in the room, slashing throats of others who try to confront them about their behavior. Sealing the deal, that they will be offered their own show soon; or at the least paid more for next season.

Not all reality shows remind me of The Hunger Games. There are some shows like Sweetie Pies on the OWN network. There is just enough drama to keep you interested. However, nothing that would give you the feeling of shame as you watch people tear each other apart. But then there is my list, that I have to say… “I am over it. But even better why was I even involved?”

I enjoyed the film, it gave me a new take on reality TV. We may not tune in to see someone physically die, of course not. We have not gotten there yet.  But if you watch half of the crap, then you are being entertained by Hollywood’s way of killing some of our unpopular and popular characters.


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