Mr. Independent

All the songs, articles and TV programs that encourage women to be independent and soar in life are wonderful. We dance to the beat of girl power because we love to hear how one of ours has taken the world by storm. One may say this is a result of our need to prove to the world that we are  more than home makers; we are professionals, money makers and game changers.

I say we have done a great job getting the world to recognize us more then being a Susie home maker. We have done a fabulous job teaching generation after generation of daughters how to be miss independent. One thing I fear, is that we forgot about our sons. So when Miss Independent decides to find love she can not find Mr. Independent in some cases.

I Google the words ‘independent men’, the first three post were about men models. The fourth post was about Why Men Want an Independent Woman.  There were no articles or blogs that encourage men to have a go getter attitude or to be self-sufficient in life.  However, I feel like men should not be left out of this life lesson.

Being a person who is self-sufficient in life is important for both male and females. You should be able to handle your life affairs; paying your bills, finding a place to lay your head etc. It is always a blessing when someone can come along and assist you with what you are already doing for yourself. But the key word here is assist; meaning you have to be already doing something for yourself. However life does not promise us help, so we need to be motivated to make our lives better for ourselves. And if we are blessed with someone we can enhance their lives as they enhance ours.

Here is the problem, we have taught our girls how to handle their business. Because some how we don’t think it is innate like being nurturers. But we forgot about our boys. Assuming that this is a “mans world,” we assume that every boy will grow into a man that has success in their veins. Unfortunately that is not true and the lesson has to be taught and encouraged.

I can not tell a man how to become Mr. Independent, I am not a man. What I am saying is the life lessons we teach our girls so they can be “desirable” are the lessons we should teach our boys. So when Ms. Independent looks for her Mr. Right she wont have to settle for Mr. Dependent.


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