My Hair, I Swear! Part 2

If you read my post My Hair, I Swear! then you know that I am going through some changes with nursing my hair back to health. What happened, I went from my mother doing it, to me do it, to paying the professionals. Then one day I became a little more financially aware and I went back to doing it myself. Truth, I love when I walked out of a salon and turned the necks of women and men with my photogenic look.  But reality, I could not afford 75 to 120 dollars weekly although I tried to do it every other week. I know, there are a lot of places cheaper, and I have been, but you get what you pay for.

My high price look, although was nice, was not reasonable for me. I work as a dispatcher. Once I entered those doors the public didn’t see me and a headset went on my head. So the salon look had to be saved for special occasions. I began to do my own wash and sets and I would go to the salons for perms. The more I began to do my own hair the more I realized how much I didn’t know about her. However, if she falls out today or tomorrow I would be devastated.

Now the latest thing I have done, was stop going to the salon all together. That allowed me to get to know my hair and I learned a lot about her.

She wants to be wrapped tight at night with something soft as silk. She probably prefers silk, which would explain why my scarfs most of the time fall off my head. However, it is quite clear that when there is nothing but cotton rubbing her she is irritated and left brittle and dry.

No matter how busy I get, I have to set aside sometime for her. When I rush the process, it is usually 3 shampoos, rinse, and condition. Before getting out the shower I have rinse the conditioner out. I will put some Jobo oil and detangler on her, then its straight to the blow dryer on high. While drying her, the hot curlers are on ready to sizzle the rest of the nutriments out. I did this routine weekly for at least three weeks and by the time I am ready for a perm she does not stand a chance.

When it is time for a touch up, she does not liked to be comb. So, to keep her in suitable style, I have become best friends with rods. Rods are just a skinny roller that gives your hair tight curls. It takes about 25 minutes or less to put them in and even less time to curl. No heat is needed just a moisturizer. Once I take the rods out, I use my fingers to loosen up the curls.

I am also reading a lot more on how to keep her healthy. A few articles mentioned co-washing. Co-wash is a method to help keep your hair moisturized by washing your hair with just conditioner once or twice before doing a regular wash. Some people do it once or twice a week,  I think I will give it a try.

My God given hair, I swear, can have a lot of personality. But I am starting to enjoy the journey of learning about her and what I can do to make her happy. I hope to encourage you to do the same with yours.


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