My Response to… Finding “The One”

Surfing my Face Book page, I came across a comment from “The Couple“, who has a mini comedy series on YouTube about a couple that lives together and their many challenges. They posted the question, “…if you found “the one” today would you be ready for a commitment? Or are you still working on school, yourself, career etc.”

My Response was…

Until you meet “The One”, you won’t have an idea what you will do. However, for those who just met their one or who may meet their one, some-day. What I found out about meeting the one, is that when it is truly “The One”, there is a natural progression that takes place in your relationship. You don’t have to force or demand anything. The challenge is making sure that you don’t allow outside influences make you question what you have or if what you have should slow down or speed up. Remember this  is your ride, let them get their own.

What is your response?…

2 Comments on My Response to… Finding “The One”

  1. Well, I found the one amongst my search of finding myself, leaving a crazy relationship after many crazy relationships, in college unsure of my career path, struggling to grow up from a mother and sisters who were desperately trying to keep me their little girl, and just kind living to live. It was crazy, I had this picture of what my the “one” would be and he was nothing like it… However, we hung out, got to know each other, became friends, and in the process of all that fell into a relationship. Before I knew it I was in love, and I was in love in how he was and is in love with me(if that makes sense). I knew he was the one when I chose him over family ideas and concerns and I chose him over hang time with friends. Not that those became less important just it felt natural to choose him. We are married, with careers, with children, there is laughter, tears, excitement, boring days, angry days, but there are more great days. So, it was a natural unforced process and choice that I do not regret don’t get me wrong, HARD but happy!

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I didn’t know this part of your love life, interesting. I am glad that you found “The One”. I had an idea that he was the one for you too when I first met him, he seem to be mature and different from the rest.


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