My Response to… My Problem With Church

So, as I was going through my morning read online, I came across an interesting blog called This blog is the voices of Panama Jackson and The Champ who gives their view on “dating, mating and fighting crime”, in short, they blog about life, at least how they see it. I have seen several blogs with a little drama to their tone. However this would be the first blog that don’t hold their tongue. With a little foul language that usually is refrained from blog world they get their points across on just about everything. But the cursing is not what brought me to the site. What caught my interest was an article that The Roots re-posted called Why Being a Single Man Is Kind Of Overrated . After reading a little about the blog to see what over 9,000 FB fans are so interested in, I came across My Problem with Church and became a fan instantly.

The honesty got me, here is My Response…

This is my first time on I just wanted to say, I love your keeping it real, straight talk. With that being said, I came on here because of your post about why being a single male is overrated. But before I could find the post I saw you’re post about church. I must say I didn’t expect this kind of truth. Nor did I expect the final answer to encourage me to work a little harder on my relationship with God and going to church. This is coming from someone who went to church two to three times a week, to not going even on holidays. Thanks for your honesty.

Read the article tell me what you think…




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