Girl Talk with LeToya Luckett

Something that I have not had in awhile, is a good old fashion girl talk with my girls. You know the type of talks where everyone chimes in about their true feelings about life, love, God and dreams. When we sit and reminisce about the old days and share how good the days are ahead of us. It seems the older we get the less time we make for girl talk. The conversation that is needed sometimes to let us know,  we are not alone in our thoughts, insecurities and dreams.

Just browsing through the internet, I came across LeToya Luckett webisode series called “Life, Love & Music”. A reality show about her everyday life, while making her third album. It airs on You Tube.  What I like so far about the series, is that she is promoting a positive image of an independent woman; who has not allowed one closed door to define her. My absolute favorite show is #2 because of the girl talk.  I have not had a sit down chat with my girls in a long time, so it was a plus to feel apart of hers. It felt as real as any reality show could. Shoot, I wanted to chime in with, “yes girl, I know, I have seen it happened to my next door neighbor!”  : )

Check it out…


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