My Response to…Who is Rohan Marley Marrying?

The latest news about Lauren Hill, is that her ex Rohan Marley is getting married to Isabeli Fontana after one year. He was with Lauren for 15 years and they had 5 children together but never married.

My Response…

This happens more often then we realize. Men will spend what seems like a life-time with a woman. When they break up for whatever reasons, they get married to the next with in a short period of time. No one can say why they make the decision to marry one rather then the other. But, that makes it clear to me, it does not take a man a long time to know if he wants to get married. So we as women should not wait a long time for them to make up their minds. Life is too short, to not do what you want to do. And if getting married is what you want, then you need to know he wants that with you, way before 15 years and 5 children. Spiritually married my butt!

What is your response?…

4 Comments on My Response to…Who is Rohan Marley Marrying?

  1. You won’t see me pushing no man’s child out if he not my husband. Some of these men will used and abuse you. Wow five kids, and not good enough in his eyes to be his wife. Watch that married he has won’t last long anyway.

    • I agree Justina. I always said that I want to be married before having children. I even went as far as saying that I won’t have children if I never get married. I always wanted to make children in a healthy, loving and committed realtionship. Nothing more committed then a marriage.

  2. My opinion-If by (1) year, you do not know whether you will marry and definitely are not on the same page when it comes to core issues/values than as hard as it may be….it is time to part ways!!! Arriverderci!!!!

    • Sometimes I have heard 1 year and from others no longer then 2. I knew about my future with my boyfriend with in a year. Either way, I feel that if you can not comfortably speak to your partner about your future then you probably don’t have one with them.


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