Me Time


This weekend was great. I had some Me-Time.  Me -Time, for those not familiar, is time spent by yourself doing whatever you want for as long as you want to do it. It is great to hang with your boyfriend or your girls and family time is very important to me, but, Me-Time, well that’s price-less.

This is why…

Me-Time give you a chance to do what you like. Sometimes you can get caught up doing what others like to do. Me-Time gives you the time to treat yourself to that book you wanted to read, finally get to see that movie you wanted to see, etc. I spent my time in the park on hot sunny day and had a picnic.

It can be a time to meditate. If you find yourself taking a non-adventuress Me-Time you might find time to think. During my quite time, I looked at the mountains, smelled the grass, and listened to the water against the rocks. I could not help to think how blessed I am and how good God is. The moment reminded me of the song “God Is Real,”  by India Arie. I also had time to think about my life, where it has taken me, what it has brought me through, and where it will bring me later.

It’s time to rejuvenate. You can get plenty of rest during Me-Time. I laid my back against the ground. My face directed towards the sky as I soaked up the sun that beamed through tree branches. I had found a comfortable position and just rested.

Me-Time is a useful time to get to know yourself. If you have not learn to enjoy your own company then why not? Take your ME-Time to enjoy all the cool things about yourself, by experiencing somethings by yourself.

Me-Time is time away from the every day hustle and interactions. It is good for you no matter if you get to do it for a few minutes or several days (I’m just saying). However, to get the best results in having Me-Time do it before you burn out from life. So try to do it often.




3 Comments on Me Time

  1. I am glad you was able to enjoy your Me-Time in a place of worship. It is always good to have a good time, with you, yourself and God : )

  2. hoskin deloris // May 21, 2012 at 2:37 pm // Reply

    Great!! I guess I too, enjoyed a partial me-time this weekend. I spent most of Sunday in My Father’s Houses. I really felt happy. Long services usually irritates me. I enjoyed both services.

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