Be True to The Real You

This weekend I went to a cook-out with friends and family. We had a great time talking eating, drinking and reminiscing. My cousin made her delicious signature virgins and non-virgins drinks. My sister had enough to make her burst out in laughter. Although I didn’t feel tipsy, people threaten to take my drink away after I shouted across the room, how much my cousin’s hair grew. The room was silent and I felt the stares, then I took a second look and realized that she had a weave, oops.

Our indulgence of alcohol started a conversation about drinking etiquette. One person said that they don’t drink around their co-workers; she likes to drink around people she is comfortable with. I understood and was about to agree, when my cousin began to tell her reason for not drinking with her co-workers. “They won’t understand,” she said. She gave me a look, as if  she wanted to know that I agree. I have heard her say it before, she is careful not to drink with people who won’t understand a Christian drinking alcohol. I stared back at her silently; I did not want to spoil our fun moment with a politically in-correct answer.

However, what came to mind is, if drinking alcohol is not a sin or problem for you why hide it? Why do you care what other people think? Will what they think about you help them get into heaven? This conversation struck up an Aha Moment for me.

 Ladies and gents, let’s be real about life; no one person has all the answers and everyone has their share of flaws. So do yourself and others around you a favor and live your life for yourself and not for others. Be true to whom you are, no explanation required; however if you choose to explain, be honest with yourself about your choices and stand by your right to live your life!

4 Comments on Be True to The Real You

  1. Blessed608592 // July 2, 2013 at 4:35 am // Reply

    I agree. We should each strive NOT to lie to the person reflected in our mirror. While remaining true to ourselves and aspiring to be authentic can be difficult – settling for a carbon copy life is spiritual death to me. We shouldn’t let others dictate our journey.

  2. I also have some relationship advice that might help you. Thank you!

    • Hi Divine Femine, thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I love comments, likes and tweets : ) I checked out your blog as well, I saw some interesting things.

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