My Response to… Review #1: Mary Mary Show

I was waiting to do my review on Mary Mary reality show. I watched every episode and was waiting for the season finale to chime in on the ladies.  However I could not help to notice that there are reviews being made already. One that caught my attention had the words “I don’t quite ”GET IT”. The blogger states “First of all, I’m frustrated and disappointed at the same. I understand that you are not a traditional gospel group, etc. but still the results should be the same. I must say our GOALS should be the same: to represent the Kingdom of God.” : /

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My Response…

I love this show, and everyone that I hear talk about the show says great things about it. So the words “I don’t quite ”GET IT” caught my attention right away. After reading exactly what you meant by it, what came to my head next was the word, “LIFE”. It is not black and white it comes with all shades in between. I get it, Mary Mary has been blessed with a huge platform to minister to the world. But when you are ministering you are not in yourself, you are led by the Spirit which is perfect. Which can perfectly show the God in us. Lets just face it, when those cameras are on they are not in the Spirit all the time. So the other side you are seeing is the human side of them, living their life. What I get from this show, is that they are not perfect and God loves them any how. Also, God desires to be in a relationship with you, flaws and all. If I think about a camera being on my every move and hearing my every thought I am not sure what people would think about me. But I know it would not be that I am a fearless women of God all the time. But I am sometimes : )

What is your Response?…

4 Comments on My Response to… Review #1: Mary Mary Show

  1. Tina is crazy she is selfish she always bringing up her marriage and what she did using that as a,excuse for everything she does its ridiculous I hope Erica goes solo she rocks!!!

  2. I missed the entire season? Ok because of this post I need to try to catch it if I can.. So I haven’t seen it but I definitely agree with you more after reading both reviews. We are all sinners and people forget that ministers, pastors, gospel artists or whoever are human, non-perfect creatures who are not shouting and praising 24 hours a day but they fight, argue and still have some fears and battles in life.


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