Dear Procrastination,

Dear Procrastination,

Okay, you got me this time; actually you got me again. I wish could fight you and win every time with persistence and motivation. However, you encourage my moves or lack of with excuses. Although I can go a good while without falling into your web of deceit, somehow you find a way to defeat me. After feeling the guilt and frustration of not accomplishing my goals, I push to fight you back.You really have some nerve; going after the most important things to me. My writing. 

You make everything else in life seem more important, after months go by I find myself trying to get back in the flow of writing to an audience that’s losing patience.

What do I say? Do I really feed them the excuses I have accepted? Do I start, like I never stopped? Better yet, should I expose your sly way of making me content with average instead of an extraordinary life?Today I took time to evaluated things that I never achieved because of you,  P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N. More often than I would like you had victory in my life. From the everyday responsibilities to life changing decisions. Need-less to say, this has to come to an end in my life. While I make moves to destroy your existences in my life, I will encourage my readers to do the same.


Miss Accomplished


P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N  is one of your defeats to a successful and fulfilling life, do something about it!

Here are some helpful tips.

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