My Response to…Having it All?

I came across this blog KnowledgeMaven. The author posted some thought-provoking questions; “Do you have it all? What does that look like in your life? Or do you aspire to have it all? What would that look like in your life?” It made me think about my past, present and future.

Eager to answer this question, (which did not have anything to do with the chance to win $15.00 amazon gift card ;)) I began to write…

Although I am very grateful to God for my accomplishments in life, I am no where near “having it all”; but I can picture it.  I would be married to my best friend, with two healthy children, a boy and girl, family pet(s), a nice size house surrounded by lots of trees and land instead of the traditional white picket fence. I would be a well known published author, who has build a brand that represents the voice of independent women all over the world. With that being said, you know I wouldn’t be working at my 9-5  I have now.  Instead my days at the office will be spent on me working on projects that matter to me. I would have days off of my choice, preferably on holidays where I would get to spend them with family and friends. I would find a place (church) that me and my family would enjoy giving God thanks. Sundays would be church, foot-ball and big dinners.

I stopped writing my dream list and began to really think about; “What would having it all look like?” My answer changed instantly. I actually do have it all right now. I am in a good place in life, I am happy. Although I am content with where I am and where I have been, it won’t slow me down from seeking those things on my dream list for my future. I believe, that having it all, is being able to enjoy life no matter where you are in it.  You could be single or married, living in a studio apartment or a mansion, eating hot dogs or filet Mignon, working a 9-5 or creative career; wherever you are in life, finding happiness and joy while living it is the secret to “having it all”, in my opinion : )

What is your your thoughts of having it all?


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