My response to… Gamer dies after Diablo III‏

Remember when I talked about doing the Balancing Act? I went on to say that my financial goals where being reached because I was working extra hours. However I felt a little pulled away from other things that are important to me like family time.

Well I could not help, but to share an article that emphasizes the need for everyone to find a some kind of balance in their lives. The report,by By Brendan Sinclair, reads”Taiwanese player collapses after 40 hours in front of Blizzard’s online action role-playing game, pronounced dead at hospital”. I was surprise to read that there were more reported cases of someone dying after playing hours, sometimes days, of non stop video games.

My Response…

Time is precious, you should spend it doing the things you love; but really people within moderation. I am curious,  how many hours do you dedicated to video games a week? Or any extracurricular activity?


What’s Your Response?


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