Congratulations Gabby Douglas, We are Proud!

I did not think that I would have anything to talk about when it came to the Olympics. Unfortunately I never was into it, like most people. As I read the news,  I quickly became interested in the name Gabby Douglas, the 16-year-old everyone is talking about. At first she captured my attention because she was young and the first black gymnast to win an all-around gold medal. So I re-post her picture on FB to show my friends that I am proud of her.

Then I took a moment to read about her. Bill Reiter wrote a poetic piece that captured the moment of Ms. Douglas’ winning experience, called Douglas is symbol for American Dream.  After reading and watching her interviews, I finally watched her fly in the air like a bird and land on her feet like a feather, I understood  what everyone was talking about. I even had goose bumps, watching her move with such precision.

Ms. Gabby Douglas inspired everyone; young, old, women and men. Her story really captures the vision of what AKA MISSI is all about. At the age of 14 she moved away from her family in Virginia Beach, VA to West Des Moines, IA to pursue her dreams as a gymnast.  She worked hard and went from being good to the worlds best. Thank you, Ms. Gabby Douglas aka MISSI, for daring to live your dream, you encourage us all to live ours. We are proud of you!


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