Nas Talks about Daughters

Take a look at what made Nas change his lyrics.

3 Comments on Nas Talks about Daughters

  1. Blessed608592 // August 18, 2012 at 12:08 am // Reply

    The point, and I think you’ve experienced it via your godchildren; is that sometimes certain social injustices, or politically incorrect actions that should be addressed immediately go unnoticed. Negatives can easily slip below the rador because we are so caught up in “me.” Unfortunately it is often not until the wolf knocks out our own foor that we take heed. That is why Oprah is painstakingly striving to get the message out via OWN, but the drums of chaos are loud and distracting. The “wrong” thing is apparently always sweeter, stronger, louder, and easier. Until having a child or loving a child opens your eyes.

  2. Blessed608592 // August 17, 2012 at 4:21 pm // Reply

    As I read Nas’ commentary I was reminded of how incensed my younger sister became when she heard Jay-Z say the birth of his daughter inspired him to stop using the word  bitch.  After all-she reasoned, he had  a mother,  a sister, perhaps a niece? Why weren’t their existence  motivation enough  for him to curb his language?  Unlike my sibling, I don’t presume to “see” Mr. Carter nor do I question his revelation.   I do however personally identify with both Nas and Jay’s apparent epiphany.  As a child of the 60’s, one would think my front row seat gave me an automatic  understanding of racism,  discrimination, and the Civil Rights Movement in general.  After all I’ve seen first hand  my Father, Brother, and Nephews racially profiled. Every stop and frisk has bend my spirit and compromised my faith, I was disheartened but it never made me paint humanity with the same brush.  I can assure you  none of those feelings equaled the moment of clarity I had when I gave birth to my son. Before his birth I had no real personal preference of gender other than the usual feelings (I already had a girl, so it stood to reason a boy was the next logically step).  Unfortunately, when the Doctor said I had a “boy” I was devastated . . . in that moment  I condemned myself for bringing another black male into the world to suffer the injustices of our America. I cried bitter tears of angst and fear, you see his birth made it all more intimate – R E A L – threatening.  For me at that moment the first seed of prejudice was planted, a  suspicion of white America and its agenda began.  Then I saw my sons  light brown skin and I thought ” praise God  he’s taken after his father and grandmother, you see he wasn’t chocolate like me.  For the first time in my life I saw the skin that my mother had brought me up to cherish as a negative, a curse . . . and that first seed of prejudice grew to a TRUE understanding of the differences.  A racial awareness.  A prejudice for any and everything that threatened the quality of life for my ONLY BEGOTTEN SON  grew.  So yes, I understand Nas, I can identify with Jay-Z, it sounds trite- but until you’ve  had a child you just wouldn’t understand. Just ask Jay and Nas.

    • I don’t have a daughter or a son, just my God-children. So I’m in shoes of a person that don’t fully understand. But I think that I have some idea. I want to protect them from the world and keep them from people and things I think will harm them. I cringe at the thought of what they may be exposed to. Now that one is going away to college, I feel anxitey. But I know all I can do is pray and try to be there for them when they have questions or just want to vent. But truth, I’m scared. Can’t imagine what I would feel like with my own children.


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