How to say Goodbye to the Summer?


The summer is almost over. How do one say goodbye? I would like to end it, with doing everything I can not do when Mr. Frosty shows up.

Road Trip… This is already planned out. My sister and I will hit the road on Sunday. I am hoping to catch a lot of sun, play on the beach and get some rest, most of all to bond with my sis.

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge…Yes I am a Brooklynite that never walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. I am always in a car driving or going along for the ride. I look above my head thinking how cool to see people (tourist) take pictures on their walk across the bridge. My sister and I have been talking about doing this for a few years now; I hope we get to do it this year.

Go to the Botanical garden… It may be too late to go. I am not sure if this is the best time to visit the garden for the best experience. When I was a young girl I remember going with my mother, sister and older cousin. I am not sure of the details. I do remember the smell of perfume that roused from the bright colors organized in sections on the ground up to my face with the help of a warm summer breeze.

Drive-In Movie theater… I never been, but I am thinking that it would be something different and maybe even romantic as I sit with my boyfriend with the sunroof open and chairs pushed back. Eating popcorn and sharing a soda pop, barely paying attention to the movie, acting like I am in the 50′s : )

Kayaking…I already signed up for Kayaking. This will be my first time doing it and I probably should know how to swim, but I don’t.  “I am never scared,” until I am inside the water and the boat is not holding me. I will let you guys know how this goes.

Go to a FREE concert in the park…BrooklynNY is known for great free concerts located in WingatePark at the end of the summer. The only problem with the free concerts is they can get really crowded.  What the heck, if the artist is worth it, I might have to get a fold up chair and make it a girl’s night out.

Go to Coney Island… I have not been there in a long time. The last I heard they changed the name change to, LunaPark. There is supposed to be more to it then just a new name. I look forward in checking it out at least once before this summer.

Go fishing… I went fishing once in VA with my mother. We both did not know what we were doing, but her friend took his time teaching us and we had fun. Just when I was getting the hang of it, it was time for us to pack-up and go home. I would like to do it again, this time I want to stay out until I actually catch something.

Go Camping… Something I never did before, but I would like to say I have tried it.

There you have it, my wish list of things I want to do this summer before ole’ frosty comes in. I am always looking for new things to do during the summer, any ideas? Please share : )

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