Kayaking Taught Me

If you read my post about how to say goodbye to the summer, you would know that Kayaking was on my list of things to do before the summer ended. When I told some people I was going to be a little daring over the weekend, all I heard was “Hell NO, you can’t swim!”

No, I can’t swim. Yes, one day I will get over that uncomfortable feeling when water merges over my face and into my noise. But until then, I always felt like that feeling should not stop me from doing other activities that includes water. So far I have been snorkeling and white water rafting and I have had lots of fun; this weekend I went kayaking. I have to admit, there is a feeling that one can get while floating in a narrow boat. That feeling had brought me back to the voices that told me this was not a good idea. I was told, I can’t swim or be careful because someone died after falling out the boat, hitting their head. Although I did not tell my boyfriend what I was thinking, he saw my face and knew something was up. He kept telling me I look like I was on the edge.

LOL, I calmed down eventually. I made it across the Hudson to Stony Point Beach and back to Cornwall, in one piece. I tell you one thing, it was a great experience and I would do it again.  Next time I may even be a little more comfortable to take some pictures 🙂

Kayaking taught me, never let other people fears, change your decision to live your life!


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