A Sandy Reminder

Sandy shut off my lights and heat for a few days; having the flu in those conditions was not ideal. Then I saw the pictures and heard the stories of what Sandy did to others.  I realized that my family and I had been spared in the midst of the storm.

The most heart touching story I heard so far, was about the woman who lived in Staten Island and lost her two young children.  My sister told me her friend called her hysterical, explaining how her friend in Staten Island tried to get assistants from a strange man who turned her away. Not long after, she stood helpless as her children drifted away. Their bodies were found days later, side by side. Reports state water was getting into her home, she attempted to leave and the car filled up with water. She was able to get her children out of the vehicle, but then they were battling nature forces.

My heart and prayers goes out to those who lost their homes and family to raging winds, flames and water. It still feels surreal as stories pour in about the cities that surrendered to Sandy.  I pray that those who lost may find strength in the midst of their personal storm.

Sandy has been a reminder; how precious life is, how we should not take small things for granted, that life is too short.  As I hear people say, they never thought it would happened in the Big City; I am reminded that anything can happened and no one is immune to life.

As you take in all of the devastating reports and sympathize with those who have lost, remember this is not the first storm or the last. Life will continue to bring us the unexpected and unwanted. So if there is someone out there that you need to tell I love you to, do so.  Someone you need to make things right with, do it. Don’t hold on to anger, choose to love instead. If there is a dream you have, write it into a plan and live it! Life is too short; I know you heard that before, but sometimes life brings us a reminder.


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