My Response To… TRUE OR FALSE: The length of a woman’s hair affects her dating success?

Surfing FB, I came across an interesting question, “True or False: The length of a woman’s hair affects her dating success?” Some people said they think it does affect their dating world.

My Response…

No, it is her swag that affects her love life / dating. I rocked all hair styles from boy cut short to shoulder length; I never had problems concerning my hair. If you carry yourself with confidence someone will take notice, someone will be interested.

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What Do You Think?…

4 Comments on My Response To… TRUE OR FALSE: The length of a woman’s hair affects her dating success?

  1. Historically I will have to admit that men prefer long hair but as a woman who has rocked everything from a close cropped do to long hair with almost every color in between, it really is about the confidence. I’ve had men that say they have a preference for short hair tell me that there was a little something about me that attracted them to me that had more to do with my overall look and confidence than any one thing, let alone length of hair. India said it best (and thank you by the way) I am NOT my Hair!

  2. Antoinette Griffith // November 9, 2012 at 4:03 pm // Reply

    I agree swag over rules length of hair when it comes to propelling the dating scene; but 9 times out of ten if given an option men – ESPECIALLY BLACK MEN – want/need/desire long hair!

    With One Love Always, Antoinette “I am radiant with joy because of your mercy, for you have listened to my troubles and have seen the crisis in my soul. You have not handed me over to my enemy but have given me open ground in which to maneuver.” ~ Psalm 31:7-8

    • I totally agree. I remember when I first cut my hair my dad said, “why did you do that? It looks nice, but why?” He really seemed upset about it. Even now I know what the man in my world prefers, but I never feel pressure that it has to be long and straight.


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