I Want to Quit My Day Job!

I want to quit my day job, is not just a statement, it is an anthem for most people who live their lives in a mundane rat race. It goes along well with the statement I won’t be here for long, as one fill out an application or take a test to secure their 9-5 job. However one can get real comfortable once the health benefits and consistent paycheck starts rolling in.

One may start off working during day, hustling during the night; trying to balance paying the bills and working for passion. But then sometimes working around the clock like that can burn a person out. So instead of quitting the job that feeds them, they quit the dream job that nourishes them.

I have been one who has worked around the clock until I burn out and stop. Often times I get inspired by someone or something and I try to balance it all again. Recently I have not been so content with my bread winner of a job; which has taken every inspirational moment to the next level for me.

I am not ungrateful for my job. With my 9-5 I have been able to accomplish some financial goals as well as live a decent life. But it is clear to me, that I am supposed to be doing more.  One of my inspirational moments came by watching Anderson Cooper’s daytime show. He interviewed Nicholas Sparks about his success with The Notebook.  Sparks explained, he was inspired to do something more with his life after Cheers finale show aired. He realized over 10 years had gone by and his dreams of becoming an author was not accomplished. He had a good job, making good money and a family to support; quitting his day job was not an option. He set goals to become an author. He gave himself a time limit, 6 months to be exact. He worked his day job and attend to his family needs; but made time for writing everyday. Today he is an author of a top seller book that turned into a movie. He describes his new life as days sitting in the sun reading his favorite books.

That story taught me something. I can say I have goals but without writing them down, educating myself on how to and setting deadlines, all I am doing is saying. So I decided to be proactive with my own 6 month rule. I already started this month, so by March 2013 I would like to have accomplished being published in a creditable source online or print. Within those 6 months I plan on blogging weekly, posting of my personal journey in becoming a published writer. Oh yes I want to write a book too; but I may have to work on that idea for the following 6 months.

Be sure to follow my experience under the link, Passion. Don’t be shy, take on the 6 month challenge and share your work that leads you to your passion in life.


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