My Response To… The Married Man


The subject of “The Married Man,” in a room full of women single or not, can get some surprising responses. Believe it or not, some feel it is okay to be the side chick. From celebrities to the girl next door, women are not hiding or even ashamed for being the other woman. So I found it refreshing, to read a young ladies blog, posted recently  about her experience with a married man. You can read  Jasmine Jackson’s  explain in her own words; she didn’t know, she paid attention to his awkward communication, asked the right questions, found out the truth, cut him off completely.

My Response…

It is very refreshing to hear, a woman say she told a married man “no thanks”. I am so tired of hearing about side chicks being the victims of no good men. With their broken hearts, they make excuses to why they need borrow someone’s man. They figure if they know he belongs to someone else from the jump they won’t get too emotional involved. What is ironic about it all, is that they are doing to another woman, what they fell victim to.

The thought of having a healthy, monogamous relationship is foreign to some. They never see it, or believe it exits. So after being burnt a few times, women will adjust and settle for what they think is the new and improve relationship. At least that is what they try to convince others. Now it has gotten so bad that people write articles giving advice on, “good etiquette for side chicks”. Really?

What Do You Think?…

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