5 Things I like About December

The only thing I don't like about December is the snow : (

The only thing I don’t like about December is the snow : (

  1. Christmas Day, I remember as a young child trying to sleep under the Christmas tree to get up at 6:00 A.M., (the earliest I would ever get up) to wake my parents so they can see me and my sister opening up our gifts. They would tell us to go back to bed and wait until the day light. I was never told about Santa Clause because my mother said when she found out that he was not real she was extremely upset. She always told us the truth about where the toys came from. I always understood gift giving was a representation of the gift the world received when Jesus Christ was born. Although this holiday like so many others have changed and become so commercialized, it is still my favorite holiday. Some may sing about Jingle Bells, but I sing about the Son, given to the world; that means a lot to me. I hope one day to have children of my own. I want to share with them the reason for gift giving and being a blessing to others.
  2. My Birthday is on December 18th; although I celebrate it the whole week. I take vacation that week, even if it is not to anywhere. I let my friends and family know if they want to hang I am available the whole week. One year was great; there was always something for me to do all week.
  3. AIDS Awareness day, I go for my physical every year and I am aware of my status. Some people however can buried their heads in the sand about something as important as knowing their status. I like the fact that all day long people are bombarded with information that can help save a life.
  4. A month to evaluate your year. In this month, I take a self evaluation about my life. I check to see if I have grown from the prior year, spiritually, emotionally and financially. I often check my goals that I written down and check off the things that I have accomplished. The things that have not been achieved, I add them to a new list for the New Year.
  5. Count down songs on the radio.  The closer it gets to the New Year, radio stations have a count down music that came out during the year. I love blasting the music in my car reminiscing over songs; when they came out, what I was doing and who I was doing it with. It is so much fun!

So there you have it; the things I like about December. What do you like about this great month?

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2 Comments on 5 Things I like About December

  1. The biggest gift’s I could ever hope for are continually given to me during the month of December (well all year really) Christ and your friendship and for both I am truly blessed. Thank YOU December!


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