I’m grown!



Who has not express in their adult or teenage life that they are “grown?” Basically they can do what they want, when they want and how they want; because they are “grown a**” man or woman. I think most people after the age 18 and even younger have declared to the world that they are “grown,” at some point in their lives. If they have not they will; it only takes one experience of wanting do something that goes against the grain of what others want, before one final answer, “I’m Grown!” 

Let us examine what “grown” means. Obviously it does not mean that you can make your own choices. A 5 year old can make decisions. I think it is safe to say, a 5 year old is not a grown up. With that said the definition of grown comes with a little more responsibility then decision making.

So what qualifies someone as a grown up? I am sure everyone has their own definition and I would love to hear them. For as I am concerned; when I realized I was “grown,” was when I was able and willing to take care of myself; financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I made decisions for my life, when someone agreed it sometimes confirmed my decsion. Any disagreement was opportunity to really be “grown” and articulate why I made a decsion. If someone make valid points, I would take their suggestions into consideration. It will never hurt to listen and learn from someone else. However, at the end of the conversation, they would understand the final decision is mine; without me yelling “I’m grown!”

Although it is easy to say you’re grown, when transitioning from dependent to independent, remember, grown is not always easy. However, it is always rewarding to become your own person. With that comes the responsibility to take care of yourself on all levels; financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.By the way, I found this video after I wrote this post. I had to share, see how “Miss Grown” in the video hides her phone from her dad? ; )


Let’s Talk About It


This post is dedicated to a young lady I know and love; she is going through her transition in life.

2 Comments on I’m grown!

  1. hahah First off, this was a great post and needed. This was so on point, I printed it and share with a few of the “young ladies” I work with. I concur with a lot of points you’ve made .. the funny thing is the adults who ARE grown don’t go around confessing it, we tend to want to be the kids again just for a little bit. My age, my responsibilities, experiences and learned lessons say I am grown but I honestly NEVER want to grow up!


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