Nothing Funny about Slavery


Besides the fact that the Django Unchained took place during slavery, I did not know too much about it. I assumed the movie was going to be another sad story that may have been left out of the out of the history books in high-school. I was not excited about seeing something that was going to be depressing. However, my mother said she wanted to see Django Unchained on our girl’s night out, so that’s what we did.

Since I did not watch the previews of Django Unchained, I was shocked when I saw a light comedy of such as serious time. As I watch the characters play out various parts of an untold story, I began to have mix feelings. The first joke, I thought to myself, there is nothing funny about slavery. So, I struggled with the fact that I found myself laughing at some of the jokes.

The controversial movie had me laughing at the same time trying to see if the movie was in anyway disrespectful. I could see how some people may take offense to the over exaggerated points the director made with characters, making them seem a bit silly or even stupid. At the same time I could understand why so many felt the director Quentin Tarantino was clever.

It was daring, yet humorous how the story exposed the complexity of the people in that time. Django was not another story about the same ole’, white man owning a black family keeping the black family separated and in fear. This story was mainly about human beings owning human beings and the ignorance, hate, broken spirit and confusion that developed through the process. But at the same time it was an untold love story between a black man and a black woman. They belong to each other and yet someone owned them. In most movies of this time period, we hear about their struggle. What we don’t always see is their passion for each other. I don’t know how many times while watching Jamie Fox character Django, I said… “You better not mess this up”. Several times he had his hand on the trigger ready to defend his woman’s honor. Then I would laugh to myself, knowing you can’t tell a man not to protect his own.

I still think there is nothing funny about slavery. However, I have to give the director credit for his unusual way of telling the story of slavery. I did not love the movie, but I did not hate it. It’s vivid, graphic and sometimes gut wrenching scenes was complemented by careful attention to detail and humor; a recipe for thought provoking entertainment.

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