The Business of Writing

writing hard

I think it is safe to say most writers want people to read what they write. As much as we are passionate about expressing ourselves, the reality of financial responsibilities become a distraction; leaving us craving the day others would pay to read what we have to say. I have a lot to learn and do before becoming the writer with juicy topics that will keep the interest of thousands even millions (yes, I said millions). In the mean time I have learned that quality time, education and discipline is a good start to a successful writing career.

Serious writers have to spend quality time alone. I am guilty of multi-task writing; writing while watching TV, listening to music tweeting, etc. I have made some attempt to have a writing schedule, but the moment when my boyfriend asked me if I was getting tired of watching “Tru Blood,” made me realize that I have to take my writing schedule a little more seriously. I have tried making a schedule and sticking to writing on certain days and certain hours. For more than one reason that idea has failed; mainly because a great idea can come at anytime of the day and it usually comes in the middle of the night and I may not finish it until wee hours of the morning.  So I am trying to work with deadlines instead.  Like Britni Danielle says in her e-book Break out of Your Box “…things can go awry if you don’t set a deadline.”  Recently I set deadlines for every post that I want to publish. So far it has worked and treating those deadlines as if I will get paid for meeting them has been a recipe for some sleepless nights.

There’s saying among writers, “to write well, one need to read a lot”. It is true, the more I write the more I need to read. Reading gives me great ideas and helps me stay informed; if I am not reading current affairs, then I am reading ‘how to’ better my craft.

Practice makes perfect or at least close to it. Think of your favorite singer, rapper, football player, actor etc.; now think about how many hours they have to dedicate so they can stay on top of their game. Even those naturally talented have to practice, practice and practice to perfect their service. When I don’t know exactly what to write about, I write the first thing that comes to mind in my journal; often times that will get the creative juices flowing.

As I pursue my writing career I pay close attention to those doing what I want to do. I learn from them that the business of writing comes with its perks and challenges. A writer has a lifestyle of freedom; to make their own schedule, travel, meet new people and write on topics that interest them; with all the perks comes responsibility. At some point you have to meet deadlines, created by yourself or someone else. It takes great discipline to work without someone telling you when to do so. You also have to play the role of a business person, managing your money for your personal and business needs. The job of a writer in some cases is a lot harder than working a 9-5 with a guarantee paycheck. Simultaneously, a writer can be adventures and more full-filling then some mundane routine that pays the bills.

Are you are passionate about writing? Please share with us what you have learned in your writing career.

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2 Comments on The Business of Writing

  1. Hoskindeloris // February 23, 2013 at 2:12 am // Reply

    Very well written. Keep to your schedule and the joy and rewards will follow.


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