Confidence the Deal-Breaker


You never really think about how confidence or the lack thereof can affect one’s world. However, confidence play a major role in people lives, even the most famous and talented people.

Toni Braxton, reportly retired in February 2013 from the music business and she began focussing on her acting career. On her hit WE – TV show, “The Braxton Family Values;” she talks with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds about her struggle.

Watching her walk through Babyface’s studio passed her Grammy award-winning pictures and gold records on the wall to tell Babyface that she is no longer in-love with music was a heart-broken moment. Although she has already has begun her acting career starring in a Lifetime movie, “Twins of Faith;” I can’t help to feel like her retirement from music is premature. She sadly admits that she does not love music anymore, the struggle to go for commercial success has interfere with her ability to just make music. She find herself fearing her ability to meet the record companies’ “bottom line.” That does not sound like someone who is ready to retire, it sounds like someone whose lost their confidence.

I can see how in her case it’s possible, with the pressures divorce, sickness and finacial stress it can be difficult to maintain confidence in a  industry that requires a lot of it.

Everyone who has been successful has had just a bit of confidence to get them there; from a man trying to talk to a woman, to a writer completing his/her first book, to a Grammy winning artist getting back in the studio and making people fall in love again with her music. However a lack of confidence can be the deal-breaker that puts everything on pause.


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