Waiting for Motherly Instincts



35 years on this planet and my mother instincts never kicked in. You know the ones that supposed to make every woman feel like she wants children more than anything else in this world. The desire is so bad that she has at least three plans for the dream to come true. When falling in-love with the right man does not work then plan B kicks in and she have a talk with that guy friend who has not found his Mrs. Right. If for some reason he is not available to make babies plan C is always a sperm bank.

I often thought to myself, is there something wrong with me that I don’t crave the little patter on the floor the diaper changes and the soft crest of a baby while laying on your chest? I know that this lack of desire has stopped me from having children with undesirable men, I am grateful for that. However I thought by now I would be more geared up and ready for the experience, especially when I found someone special to have the experience with.

Motherhood is scary and I wonder how do women rush into such responsibility? Don’t misunderstand me I smile thinking about starting a family with the man I love. However like anything of importance in my life I feel nervousness and a little worry about everything that could or would happen. That feeling takes over that warm feeling women say they have called motherly instincts.

8 Comments on Waiting for Motherly Instincts

  1. I’m not ready for babies yet,and I’ve been with my honey for 8 years! lol We are such over-thinkers, and want to be sure we’re where we want to be financially first. I completely understand! 🙂

  2. I think that everyone has there own feeling on this subject and there is no right or wrong.Motherhood is a joy and when you first get that little baby placed in your arms that feeling you get inside you is your motherly instinct.I don’t care how much money you have,money will not get you prepared for being a mother.When the time comes you will know.Even if it comes when you re holding your little bundle of joy.No one can give you a specific age to be ready for motherhood ,only the man above that gave you that blessing knows when your time is here.

  3. Booms hack // May 11, 2013 at 12:02 am // Reply

    At the end of the day, you got to jump.

  4. I don’t think everybody has the famous instinct but meanwhile they can also become good mothers.
    I worry too but it’s becoming better. Now I accept the idea of having kids, being more less able to make them happy (it’s my main worry) and be happy with them.

    I Also think we should resist the eventual pressure of people around us if we don’t feel like or feel able to raise children or if it’s really not the moment for us.

    • Hey Miss Ayo Dele,

      Thanks for your response, your right not everyone has those motherly instincts and it is important to resist the pressure. People are always trying to put the pressure on, talking about my age and what’s wrong why have I not done it yet? LOL.


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