Words of Wisdom from Cicely Tyson


The View had Cuba Gooding Jr., Vanessa Williams and Cicely Tyson on their show talking about their new Broadway play, “The Trip to Bountiful”.

There seem to have unnecessary chatter until Whoopi Goldberg re-directed the conversation to Cicely Tyson, it was a perfect opportunity to learn from a woman who has been in the entertainment business over 60 years.

The studio was silent as the academy award winning lady filled the room with her wisdom. Cicely Tyson is respected and well known for roles that made history. She has never taken a role that she felt will be stereotypical and caution other women to consider what they are saying to the next generation with the roles they take.

Whoopi Goldberg asked her if she notices any changes in the work offered today, her answer is yes, but she is not convinced that it is a positive change. She says, “because it is so much available today it seems like we, quote – have it made.” She caution her listeners that if they don’t evaluate what they want their lives to represent and the next generation after, they will go further and further down. “You will come up with a lot of cash, but your whole demeanor and respect for yourself… will have delaminate.”

To see this episode of the view go here.

3 Comments on Words of Wisdom from Cicely Tyson

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  2. Cicely Tyson is a legend! I love her. She is so full of wisdom and is an admirable actress! I’ll have to check out that video clip of the show! Thanks for spotlighting her!


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