My Response to…Odd Woman Out in The Father’s Day Card Aisle


I know Father’s Day past, but unfortunately I just was not inspired to write any “daddy happy specials,” and I did not want to write about no sad mess either. However, I came across Sherelle Glenn’s post called, “The Odd Woman in the Father’s Day Card Aisle.” She tells the story of how she bought her first Father’s Day card this year, her relatable story of trying to mend her relationship inspire me to write something…

My Response…

Last year I wanted to write a “Dear Dad” letter and post it, but after serious consideration I changed my mind. My father had pissed me off again; as I began to type in the heat of the moment, I quickly realized that the post although good to gain readership, it would have been inappropriate. Besides, I figure it would have been too much for him to see my pent up feelings online; there’s that.

This year, I kept reading different things about great dads that exist and the awesome relationships they have with their daughters. I thought to myself that I too have a great dad, however our relationship sucks. The writer in me wanted to write something anything about dads, although inspiration was at it’s all time high this year; with women posting “daddy and daughter” pictures, and talking about their repaired relationships on FaceBook, it was not enough to inspire words from me, I just did not know what to say.

At the end of the day, I love that man and if he needs me I will be there; but it does not stop me from feeling hurt and confused as to why our relationship is not better. When I read that you feel like both of you have to grow and you found fault on both sides, I try to think about where I may have gone wrong. I am still thinking. The truth is, I probably won’t see it like that but I do understand that it will take God to heal and make things better.

However, to answer the her question, “Do you feel women are affected negatively when raised in fatherless homes?” I think that children (boys and girls) feel the negative effects of any parent (mothers or fathers) that does not show their child consistently that they are loved. If a parent is in and out of their child’s life most likely you have a child with a broken heart, or at the least confused.

2 Comments on My Response to…Odd Woman Out in The Father’s Day Card Aisle

  1. I’m glad I was able to relate to other women with my post. My relationship with my dad is still not entirely stable, but it is what it is, and I work hard on my end to keep it afloat. Many blessing to you and your dad as well.


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