It’s Like FaceBook for Girls


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I remember the days when kids would tease me because I was too “skinny;”  my mother said when she was young she had the same problem, and this generation is no different. Most people just accept the vicious cycle as the norm and learn to cope with it. However, I had the pleasure in speaking with Azariah Brown, a fourteen year old who decided to do something about what she calls an, “bullying epidemic.”

Azariah witnessed her friend getting bullied, and decided she wanted to start a group in her school that would influence a more positive interaction between young girls. Her mother Mercedes Brown, admits that at first when Azariah approached her about doing a group, she was not sure how serious Azariah was; she challenged her daughter by making her brainstorm ideas. Soon, Azariah’s zeal to help girls, became a passion for them both. The question, “how can we not only help individuals in arms reach, in the schools, but how can we help girls world-wide?,” was the start of, “

“It’s kinda like FaceBook, and it positive, and it is for girls,” Azariah said. She explained how her interactive website for girls works as a positive social network. “It’s just a place for girls to interact with their friends,” she said.

Like many social networks the website has profiles, which includes pictures and a time-line.  However, the restrictions of the invite only website, makes for a safer place for young girls to express themselves, share pictures and encourage each other with kind words. The site partners with schools that extend invitations to adolescent girls (ages 10-17). Members agree to terms, that do not allow them to give out their personal information without permission from a parent or guardian and they are not to bully anyone or tolerate it. To further enhance the bully free zone, filters monitor language and content.

The site has only been up since March 2013, and is quickly gaining popularity among girls, “they say it is a really fun place, and they feel loved and it’s inspiring,” said Azariah. Her goal is to reach a million girls with her website giving them a social place to come to if they are “bullied” or “feeling lonely.”

For more information, on how you can get involved log on to

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