My Response to… Lupe Fiasco Needs To SHUT UP About The “Lack” Of Black Activism

20130719-122836.jpgLupe Fiasco’s insensitive tweet after the Trayvon Martin’s case sparked the question, what is an activist? Lincoln Anthony Blades responded with a candid story of himself as a 11-year-old playing basketball for his hometown. He speaks of his experience winning a game turning into a violent situation when his opponent call him a “nigger,” he wanted to “kill him” and “their team…,” he said. However, his coach pulled him to the side and gave him a valuable lesson in dealing with other people’s ignorance. Blades praised his coach for influencing his life and the lives of many  other young men. Blades’s story is a good reminder that an activist is active in more ways than one.

My Response… Today I had a conversation with a friend about this very thing; not about Lupe, but concerning this story. My friend reminded me that doing something is not always in marching in the streets or signing petitions, it is in living our every day life responsible for how we influence people around us especially our children. Thanks for sharing your story.

2 Comments on My Response to… Lupe Fiasco Needs To SHUT UP About The “Lack” Of Black Activism

  1. daphne brown // July 20, 2013 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    While I agree that part of being active is to live our lives the correct way I don’t think that’s doing that alone is enough! We have to vote in every election, know the law, and know our rights. We have to stop getting angry for the moment and then forgetting everything when the story dies down. We can’t just live our lives doing the right thing and just “hope” that our own children or family member won’t be put in a “Trayvon Martin” situation.

    • Hey D, thanks for stopping by. I always love reading your response.

      I hear what you are saying, we need to do more. However, I think that the feeling to do more, always comes after tragedy. It is natural for us to try to see how we fail in it all and how we can make a change for the better.

      What I think Lupe was trying to say, although he was a little harsh about it, people need to stay conscious of the on going battle we live in and stop waiting for tragedy to happen before we want to do something.

      However, Blades understand that there are a group of people out there who although are taking small steps to winning the battle they are well aware of the battle. These people live their lives everyday towards change they are not thinking of ways to make change, an after thought. These people deserve credit because no matter how small their part is it all for the better of our people and community as a whole.


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