J’s Crooked Smile, My Head, Your…

crooked-smile-coverI usually drive in my car, with just my thoughts; however, while driving home last night I had an itch to hear some good music. I had an unusual thirst for some head bouncing, word provoking, hardcore rap.

I flipped  through the radio stations, to see what would satisfied my thirst. In between commercial interruptions I heard a few songs that wet my taste buds, then I heard “Crooked Smile,” by J. Cole, featuring TLC from his new album, “Born Sinner.” The beat was more like orchestrated melodies than hardcore, but the words piqued my interest.

Although I don’t agree with J’s description of women, (why refer to women as bitches , then tell them they are beautiful, Huh, J., why?) I appreciate his crooked smile message; to love the skin you are in, to embrace the you, that God has created, flaws and all.

For J, it’s his crooked smile, for me, it’s my “big head,” so, what is it for you? Let’s be honest, if not to the world, at least to yourself. Take a moment to think about the physical “flaw(s)” God purposed in your life, that others are uncomfortable with, and try to make you fix. Do you conform, or do you find a way to get comfortable in your skin?

While you think about, what makes you not “picture perfect,” but “makes you worth it,” listen to J’s “Crooked Smile,” enjoy.

2 Comments on J’s Crooked Smile, My Head, Your…

  1. Daphne Charles-Brown // July 31, 2013 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    Interesting. I’m not picture perfect by any means! Since I could remember I’ve had a limp which sometimes cause me to fall and walk slow! This made me feel inadequate many of times. I’ve shied away from making friends and doing certain things. Sometimes I even get angry at God. But then I think I have great friends (although life gets in the way a lot), I have an unbreakable bond with my family, a loving husband, two beautiful kids (who drives me CRAZY), and a career I love. My imperfection does define who Daphne is. God does not make mistakes so I have to trust his reason for my imperfection. Although it is a challenge I embrace and keep moving!

    • Hey D,

      Thanks for your honesty. I’m glad you choose to be comfortable in your skin and enjoy life despite the challenges that may come. 🙂

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