Stay Motivated!


I came across a post written by a seemly frustrated writer who has no degree, but is very talented. He wanted to know why a college degree is a requirement for a full-time job as a writer? His work has proven to “The Powers to Be” that he knows is stuff, however is struggling to land a full-time writing gig, because he does not have a journalism degree.

My heart went out to him and writers alike. Then my heart went out to myself; the one who has a journalism degree. However, when the writer’s struggle became too much, I settled for a paying job with benefits. Unfortunately, I began to take paying jobs not in my field, and before I knew it I landed a government job.

After reading the writer’s cry, I took a deep breath. I try not to let frustration build in me as I thought about my career and where I could have been, with “my degree,” and all. However, I could not help but to have flash-backs about what happened or did not happen, I began to pray.

Afterwards, I picked up where I left off with “Angel’s Laws of Blogging.” The word “motivation,” in bold red letters, stood out to me. Although I saw the same word the night before the word actually spoke to me, it was as if it said, “you, yeah you, get motivated!”

In “Angel’s Laws of Blogging,” the 5th law talks about how hard it is to stay motivated when money is low. “In the early days of Concrete Loop, it was easy to lose sight of my own goals and sometimes hard to stay motivated, especially after I quit college and the money started to slow down,” Angel said. However her persistence paid off and she is not only known for her popular entertainment blog “Concrete Loop,” she is also an author. Oh yeah, and did I mentioned, she makes a pretty decent living off her blog? I mean the girl bought herself a house from her career as a blogger, that’s not bad.

Those who want to succeed have something in common , we start off small, work hard, and sacrifice a lot to get through to success. No matter when you decide to start or what experiences you bring to the table the formula remains the same for anyone who chooses success; “Work Hard + Motivation + Persistence = Your Goals Accomplished!”

Stay Motivated!



2 Comments on Stay Motivated!

  1. Amen to this article. My situation is a little bit different I completely understand, and agree with the formula for success (“Work Hard + Motivation + Persistence = Your Goals Accomplished!”) Like everyone else striving to achieve a goal, I face challenges. But I am waking up to the fact that I seem to be the BIGGEST obstacle in my way! Who knew getting myself to walk in the direction of the vision I have in my head would be so challenging So for me, that is where a good deal of my MOTIVATION is spent. Picking myself up so I can get the HELL outta my own way. lbvs
    Kudos on this article. I find the information contained throughout very timely for me

    • Hey Shawn thanks for reading. I’m glad that this post hit home for you. You’re not alone, many people including myself get in the way of their own success. But once you know the problem you’re one step closer to solving the problem. Good luck with making your dreams come true. 🙂

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