Just Because You Are Woman Does Not Mean You have to be Polite


I thought this picture was fitting, ladies need to play it safe even in Vegas!

One day I went shopping by myself, when two women who seem harmless got my attention. With a soft voice a woman called out to me, “excuse me,” she said. At first I thought she was talking to her friend, by the second time she said “excuse me,” I had a feeling she was talking to me, I turned around.

When she realized that she had my attention, she smiled and asked if it would be okay that she gave me her business card. Although I did not know why she wanted to give me her personal information, I did not see anything wrong with the idea. As I waited for the business card, she explained that she sells Avon products and I look like someone who take care of my skin.

I thought to myself, “oh boy, I don’t need this,” but I continued the conversation. She grabbed her phone from her bag instead of her business cards. She said that she must have left the cards in her car and she proceeded to ask me for my number instead. At this point, I felt annoyed by her ploy to get my personal information; however, I still felt the need to remain polite.

I told her, I will take her number, but I won’t give mind because I don’t know her. She smiled, or I should say smirked, now that I think about it. She asked me where I was from, as if some small talk will put my guard down. I entertained her questions with general answers, and took her number without giving any of my personal information. Before we walked away, she explained again that she sell Avon products, but now her reason for approaching me was because my skin looked a little dry and she felt her services would help. She pushed the issue a little more, and questioned when I would call her. I told her I don’t know. Needless to say I did not call her, I deleted her number, and when I noticed that she was walking in my direction, I made a detour and waited until she left.

After talking to a couple of people about the situation, I realized that the situation could have gone a different way. Because I felt I should be polite; I could have been a victim of something more than an over zealous, annoying sales representative. Predators, don’t go after women who look like trouble, they go after polite women who feel the need to respond to their advances.When I realized that the woman was lying about her business cards I should have walked away then, period. I did not feel any goose bumps down my arm or any bad feeling, but she was not honest with me, red flag. She became a liar at that point, and did not deserve my politeness.

How many times women engage in friendly conversation with strangers that eventually turn into compromising, uncomfortable situations? They become victims because they are polite to the man who offered to change their tire, or the woman who request help in a different location. I am not saying be rude, although in some cases you may have to. However, you should be aware of your interactions with strangers. Understand, it’s okay to tell someone you’re not interested and walk away. Always take heed to red-flags or bad feelings and make sure that you are not so polite that it makes you uncomfortable. Be safe.

13 Comments on Just Because You Are Woman Does Not Mean You have to be Polite

  1. I totally agree! Many times I’ve felt compelled to go out of my way to be kind to strangers. We must be aware of those who prey on kind- hearted people. Their intentions may not always be positive.

    • I’m getting a lot of positive responses from this post. It’s seems to be a must needed reminder to be careful. Stay safe lady.

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  2. Women should always stay on guard! Observe your surroundings when walking alone. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Blessed608692 // August 22, 2013 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    I often say . . . to navigate life we have nonverbal contracts with mutually understood rules that govern every aspect of our life; from home to work and relationships. I call those unwritten rules our “Rules of Engagement.” When someone breaks those rules, you – me – we, are no longer bond by those rules.
    The contract is broken and the rules of engagement are changed, you are no longer required to be courtesy, polite, or politically correct; especially if/when it compromises your safety!

  4. Reblogged this on Dree Speaks Freely and commented:
    As a free person, you do not have to let anyone invade your space or your time for the sake of politeness, particularly if you don’t know the individual or want what they are pushing on you.

  5. Excellent post. And, the point can not be repeated enough. I have similar stories to yours, some turned out funny, but some turned out to be scary encounters that I use to inform the way I react to people who invade my personal space, these days. I’m reblogging this 🙂

  6. I totally agree with you.
    I have the same problem…

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