Alicia Keys’s HIV Campaign

Alicia Augello Cook, a.k.a Alicia Keys, Grammy Award-winning artist and philanthropist, is known for hit records, as much as for her efforts in advocating for children and their families with HIV.

Keys has sold over 35 million albums, gain numerous awards and has become a well-respected artist around the world. It makes one think, how the mother of a two-year old find the time to run, “Keep a Child Alive,” an organization that helps children with HIV. However, the popular artist for years have continued to provide resources for children who struggle to receive proper medical treatment in Africa.

Now she is starting a new campaign for HIV awareness in the USA. August 22, 2013, Keys joined with Harlem Hospital to bring to the spotlight a conversation that seemed to have diluted in America. WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola Reports, Keys want to keep promoting the same message about HIV; “get tested and use protection to help fight the spread of HIV.”

Keys, talked about her concerns and got tested in front of multiple media outlets yesterday. This is just one step towards encouraging and empowering people to stay aware of their status and their options.

Keys’s new campaign “Empowered,” educates and inspires the conversation that “together we are greater than AIDs.” Please take a look at her inspiring video where she speaks to five women with five different stories, living with HIV. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be informed. Be empowered!

2 Comments on Alicia Keys’s HIV Campaign

  1. I love her philanthropy efforts to combat and overcome this disease! I didn’t know she started a new campaign in the US…she rocks! Hopefully her efforts will rub off on others.


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