Can’t Stay Put



I Can’t Stay Put” is young, hip, Lauren Miller’s anthem to life. Known by her friends as the girl who can not stay in one place too long; Miller decided to make her travels a career. She became a full-time blogger sharing adventures, she encounter traveling to places like; Hong Kong, Muai, and South East Asia, to name a few.

Interested in the five-star hotels and spa resorts? This may not be the traveling blog for you. Miller travels on a budget that sometimes takes her out of her comfort zone. However, life lessons, breath-taking views and riding elephants is just some of Miller’s experiences that she would not trade in for anything in the world, not even a shopping spree.

“We spend $400/$500 on shoes and clothes which could be a plane ticket to Colombia from LA, ” she said. Miller hopes that her travels and relatable appeal will inspire young people to dream big and put “things into perceptive .”

Follow the dreamer and doer on her adventures at

2 Comments on Can’t Stay Put

  1. I love the idea of traveling on a budget! I have to do everything on a budget, since pay wages are not keeping up with inflation these days. I’ll definitely check out her blog and travel experiences!


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