My Response To…”Girl Please!!! You Want a Man, But You Can’t Cook?”


My Carrot Cake, Hmmm ; )

Surfing the internet I came across the words, “Girl Please!!! You Want a Man, But You Can’t Cook?” The article was published in 2010 in “For Harriet,” online magazine. An old post, but intriguing title; I had to know what getting and keeping a man had to do with cooking. Each line seemed like it was the author’s personal vent to someone she knows who won’t take her advice on “cooking real food” to attract a man.

“So many times we get caught up in “Well, he should like me for who I am and if he can not handle that I do not cook, then he can kiss rocks.” Well baby, that is all good but you will not keep him long. He will leave you and go over to the other girl who is not afraid to get in the kitchen and cook real food!!!!” She said. And by real food she means; “macaroni, potato salad, yams, vegetables, any fried meat without blood leaking from it.” You won’t get points for making spaghetti.

Here is my response…

Please do not misunderstand me, I cook, I mean I get down! I learned how to bake homemade carrot cake because that ‘s my baby’s favorite. However, I could not help but to feel a little uncomfortable with this article that promotes the idea that if you don’t cook like a southern belle that you won’t catch a man. But, if by some strange chance you do get one, you won’t keep him unless you start studying a cook book or two.

This is why, I know a few married women who have been with their husbands for years and they are junk food junkies, cooking is not their thing, even after children, they just do not cook. I know some couples where the men do most of the cooking. Then, I know single ladies that can cook their butt off, but they have no one to cook for.

So my point is cooking is important, but not because it is the way to get and keep a man. I know about the an old saying that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and by the smiles I get I don’t think the saying is too far fetch. However, the truth is, it is not the deal breaker in every relationship, and frankly, that saying goes both ways when it come to some relationships. Anyone that knows me know the way to my heart is through my stomach, lol.

What’s Your thoughts?

2 Comments on My Response To…”Girl Please!!! You Want a Man, But You Can’t Cook?”

  1. I would have to agree with you on this one.I don’t think that cooking is so important that it could be a relationship deal breaker. My thought is that if your significant other chooses to stray because of empty pots then they weren’t loyal to you from the beginning. My husband and I have been married for 6 years and together nearly 10. There have been countless occasions when I haven’t felt like cooking so either he cooked or we ordered take out. Not once did he end up at another woman’s house for dinner. Yes its nice to have a home cooked meal but its really not that serious in my opinion.


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