#WritingB4Socializing October Challenge


How many hours do you put into social networking? Do you put more hours into networking than writing?

I can get inspiration and ideas for writing from social networks and surfing the internet. However, I probably can write more if I was a little less consumed with the latest post on Facebook, picture on Instagram, or who un-followed me on twitter. So, I am going to challenge myself in October with #WritingB4Socializing challenge. If you are interested in challenging your writing try it with me.

The Challenge Rules::

  • Everyday, write at least 4 hours before you turn on the internet, or check your social networks.
  • You can break up the hours anyway you like, but you can not surf the internet or social networks until 4 hours of writing is complete.
  • You can write whatever you want to write, it can be a daily journal, blog post, or a novel.
  • Try to write everyday and the days you take a break from writing, you should take away from social networking and internet surfing.
  • I know that you are just getting this post, you can start the day you get it. Some practice is better than none : )

This will be a serious challenge, but I am up to it, what about you? If you take on the #WritingB4Socializing challenge with me, let me know, share how this challenge is working for you in the comment section, or tweet about it after your 4 hours of writing, use #WritingB4Socializing.

Happy Writing!

2 Comments on #WritingB4Socializing October Challenge

  1. whew this is hardcore! let me know if you do this again. right now i’m doing the #30WriteNow challenge. But I need to do something like (maybe 2hrs instead of 4?) to get my dissertation + blogging + freelancing completed.

    • Hi Alexandra, thanks for checking out #MISSI. Hardcore, is the right word to describe #WritingB4Socializing because there’s only 20 hours left in the day to do chores, go to work, family time and socialize. It has only been 8 days and most times I miss a day to get online because I did 2 hours instead of 4, but I just remember if it is easy it’s not a challenge. Today I am really proud of myself, I did 4 hours of writing, wash clothes, went to the gym, took care an important errand, went to work and socialize, I was up at 5:45 a.m. and I probably won’t go to bed until 12 tonight and right now I wish I was home in the bed, but, I am excited because I am learning how to manage my time. You can keep up with how my challenge is going at ladyiwrites.com and I will definitely keep everyone up to date with what’s next. Happy writing to you hope you are getting a lot of #30WriteNow, by the way what’s the rules for that challenge?

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