FCK Being Fat!


Photo provided by FCKbeingFat LLC

“FCK Being Fat!,” said Zakia Blain.

One hot summer day, Blain and her friend were doing their routine walk and they found themselves tired. They began to fuss to each other how hot and tired they were, and Blain said out loud, “fck being fat!” She thought then, “that should go on some t-shirts.” Five months later, her phrases about working out, combined with her need to get healthy became a growing enterprise.

Blain who said she “struggled with weight all her life,” understands it takes more than; diets, pills, and other quick fixes to lose weight and stay fit. Blain started a weight lost challenge for her and her friends that consist of 8 weeks of changing the way they eat and exercise, and the “Fck Being Fat” challenge was born.

The challenge consists of 8 weeks of daily 45 minute work-outs, a list of healthy food choices, charts that keep you on track, and support from people who motivate you when you are not feeling to do the right thing. At the end of the challenge, the person who lost the most weight wins. However, everyone who keeps up with the plan wins, because they learn how to make better choices for a healthier life.

Blain admits that she is not a professional trainer or nutritionist, she promotes herself as just “a person who struggled with her weight all her life.” However, those who have joined her challenge has called it; “their support system, their Weight Watchers, their Jenny Craig.” They have continued in some cases with the “FCK Being Fat” challenge even after reaching their goal, because the challenge has become a big part of their life and a great support system.

It has been a little over a year, and Blain’s idea for a healthier lifestyle is addictive to over 800 men and women, who dare to do it. With her ever-growing community, and sponsorships from big names like Nike, she is well on her way to making her mark in the fitness world. For more information on Blain and her “Fck Being Fat” challenge visit her website.

2 Comments on FCK Being Fat!

  1. I love the whole movement.


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