Tracee Ellis Ross’s #OctoberChallenge

I followed the hash-tag to #OctoberChallenge on twitter, and found several challenges out there this month. There’s the “No Make-up challenge,” not for me since I rarely wear make-up. Several writing challenges, but I am already working on my own #WritingB4Socializing challenge.

Then there’s the Tracee Ellis Ross October challenge. Ross is turning 41 and she is hosting Black Girls Rock this month, for both, she will kick up her workout routine. She has invited her fans and friends to join her challenge. She will work out five days instead of three days a week with Jeanette Jenkins, celebrity fitness trainer. Ross, says that will be her challenge and she does not expect everyone to do the exact thing but she wants us to find what works for us. I’m down! What about you? I already started working out every other day with hopes that I keep up with it, it will be taking it up from my once or twice a month, (I know that’s bad.)

Ross #OctoberChallenge will encourage me to keep it going at least for this month. What about you are you taking any #OctoberChallenges?

4 Comments on Tracee Ellis Ross’s #OctoberChallenge

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  3. I created a #31DaystoPHREAdom challenge where I write daily on my Always PHREA blog. The purpose is to develop a sense of accountability. I hope it goes well. Good luck on your challenge also.


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