3 Creative Ways to Find Content

writing hard

Most people check out the web for ideas to write about, however with the #WritingB4Socializing #October Challenge, I was not able to get on the web everyday to get inspired so I had to come up with creative ways to come up with content.

  1. Read a Book: Since this challenge I picked up two books, they can be a great resource for ideas. You can write a book review, or grab an idea from the book and expound on it.
  2. Conversations: Listen for content ideas based on the conversations you have with family and friends. This blog post is an example, as I was talking to my fiancé about how I don’t think many people are following my challenge he said that’s because people get  their writing material from the internet. I said that I do too but so now I have to find creative ways to get my content.
  3. Journal: Writing about your life experience in a journal always help me to come up with ideas. There may be a line in or two that inspire great content.

Where do you get your inspiration for writing?

4 Comments on 3 Creative Ways to Find Content

  1. I’ve realized that #2 is definitely the biggest for me. Looking at my own life situations and my friends/family, it always gives me new content to write about or even spark the conversation amongst others.

    I agree with all three of your tips though.

  2. I get my inspiration from my environment sometimes. Yesterday when I woke up I notice my TV was on a channel talking with the author of a book called “The War of Art”. Each time I attempted to change the channel he said something that perked up my ears. Then I was in the market and notice I was reaching for a bottle of Tide. Then I had a moment flash back of when I only brought Trend detergent because it was the cheapest price. I had to laugh because in that moment I realized a life lesson was being showed to me. The lesson was how much has change and improve in my search to elevated my life condition. The lesson learned is my mind define my world, not my world define my mind. That is my guide for the future.


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