Angel’s Laws of Blogging


Even if you are not an entertainment blogger, you are sure to get a lot information and inspiration from this quick read, “Angel’s Laws of Blogging.” The first few pages was compelling and intriguing, as the author explains how hard work paid off, literally. Angel, once worked out of her parent’s home, where she shared a computer with her three brothers, now she’s self-employed and has others working for her, she was even able to purchase her first home with the money that she obtained from blogging; that’s where she got my attention.

The blogging business is big, and many people are learning by trail and error what it takes to go from blogging as a hobby to blogging professionally. Angel’s unique story and 9 laws will inspire any blogger to want more from their blogging experience. In the book you will find how to put a unique spin on a popular topic, to turning your blog from a personal journal to a brand that interest investors.

I quickly began to use some of the techniques given by Angel, and I’m impressed by my growth as a blogger. The transition to making the blog commercialized is not so easy, but the end results are worth it. Angel recommends bloggers to keep personal and business separate, so that the blog that you want to become profitable becomes attractive to advertisers looking for a professional look, content and communication driven blog.

Whether you agree with “Angel’s Laws of blogging,” or not, Angel has found success in blogging, something that most bloggers strive to obtain. Her site has been a successful brand in the entertainment business since November 2005. Gaining recognition from big names like Times magazine as the top 50 best websites in 2008.

Beginner bloggers and veterans, dealing with entertainment, fashion, food, love or any topic can find “Angel’s Laws of Blogging,” useful and inspirational guide. For those who just began blogging, this book is good to jump-start set you in the right direction. For those in the blogging business long enough to have their own set of rules, well, you may want to take a look Angel’s laws, you never know if there’s an idea that will complement your own list. For more information go here.

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