Editor’s Note

My Last Apology, I Promise.

My apologies for being gone so long.

My apologies for being gone so long

It has been too long since I took time on www.akamissi.com. If you have been following me on www.ladyiwrites.com you would understand what I mean when I say this is my last time apologizing for a long hiatus, because I am about to give it my all or give it up!

With a new attitude I decided to take another swing at the idea of a lifestyle blog dedicated to defining the challenges and pleasures of an independent woman. In the past my post was heavily influenced by my personal experience and or opinion. Nothing is wrong with that, most successful bloggers write primarily from their opinions. However, I said that if I was to continue to blog, I have to do it my way. Which made me think about my journalism days when I learned to dig for the facts and let the facts tell the story. My goal is to tell stories of women whose lifestyle and or experience will inspire and inform other women. Yes I will still give “my response to…” what’s going on in today’s society, why not? I have plenty of them. However, there’s so much to learn about what defines women who am I to stop at just what I think?

You can look forward to an editor’s note, reviews; of events, foods, and books. Interviews with the movers and shakers of the world, in-depth articles about women issues and much more. I am excited about coming back and I do sincerely apologize to my loyal readers for such a long hiatus.


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