I have to give credit to Mr. Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality for this idea. He gave his readers an opportunity to promote their projects on his site. I enjoy the idea so much that I had to do something similar. It’s fun and it gives you an opportunity to meet so other bloggers. Here goes my version.


Give a shout out to your favorite blogs and bloggers on the comment line below, even if your favorite is your own. To make it easy for people to follow the #BlogShoutOuts thread you can copy the form below into the comments section, or you can post it however you like. You can post as many #BlogShoutOuts you like. Spread the word about #BlogShoutOuts through social media and or re-blog this post, use hashtag #BlogShoutOuts.




What I looove about this site:

10 Comments on #BlogShoutOuts!

  1. WOWjust what I wɑs searching foг. Came heԀe by searching

  2. Blog(s): http://jazzyoutoo.wordpress.com

    Blogger: jazzyoutoo

    Description: jazz is everywhere on this blog! (the blog is mine – oops!)

    What I looove about this site: I really enjoy the time I spend editing the blog and I do it while listening to the music I post about. Surprisingly, I found out that some people also like the sounds I hear and I’ve discovered fantastic new things through them! This is really fun!

  3. Thanks for hosting this Iris! I love so many blogs! I guess I’ll name the one I’ve followed the longest, and she is also a great bloggy friend of mine!
    Blog: http://brooklynactivemama.com
    Blogger: Nellie
    Description: A wife, mother of 2, career woman, with a passion for fitness
    What I love about this site is her honesty, and compassion in everything she does!

  4. I have a new fav blog!

    Blog(s):GOOD Look N Out

    Blogger:Marie Young

    Description: A site that inspires ladies to share and inspire each other.

    What I looove about this site: The concept of women helping each other, the color, the content.

  5. Reblogged this on LadyIwrites and commented:

    I decided to do my version of a promotional blog thread on AKAMISSI. I added my own twist to what I saw on Harsh Reality. Check it out and please post your favorite blog in the comments section.

  6. Blog(s): http://www.fromawildflower.com

    Blogger: a compilation of bloggers

    Description: raw + real journal entries from other 20 somethings

    What I looove about this site: it’s SO REAL!

  7. Blog(s): http://ladyiwrites.com/

    Blogger: Iris Kirkland

    Description: A personal journey of a writer’s career

    What I looove about this site: It represents me so well.


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