My Response To… “Starting Over at 30”


The title, “Starting Over at 30,” got my attention because I am starting over in my thirties. Like the author Tamika Burgess, who writes for “From A Wildflower,” I too went to college with a vague idea of what I wanted. Burgess said it best when she said, “I just knew I wanted it to lead to a fun career. I didn’t want to get stuck in a job that I hated.” Well, like Burgess I got stuck at a job I am not passionate about. I have not gotten sick over it,God forbid, however I do feel the pain of working somewhere I don’t belong.

Sometimes I come across an article that just resonates with me and I have to respond. My response…

Whew, it feels good to know that I am not alone in the struggle to find myself, words, and life, even in my thirties. I know we should have our stuff together. We should be soaring in our field. Making a national name for ourselves, or at the least a name respected in our field. Yet, we have to start over. Sometimes I get angry with myself about it, but then I have an “aha moment.” I take a deep breath and realize that I am where I need to be, I gained what I needed to have in the journey that’s for me. I stop trying to make sense of it all, because that will waste valuable time that I can take to figure out how to live my life doing what I love to do. Kudos to you, taking a leap of faith and quitting your job, to do what you love. That’s a step that I choose not to do, however, I admire those who do. I am working my day job until my dream job can pay the bills. That just means long nights, and hard work,as I go from day job to dream job. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s a reminder that it’s never too late to do what you love!

What’s your response?


2 Comments on My Response To… “Starting Over at 30”

  1. Hi Iris! First off, I love your “My response to” posts. Such a great idea! I can totally relate to the notion of starting over at 30. There’s this expectation that 30 means having it all together and coasting through life from there. But I find that most of the times, that idea comes from self-imposed pressure, acquaintances/fam/friends who are under 30, or people who project their expectations onto you.

    • Hi Kenya,
      I am glad that you like the concept behind “My Response To.” I figured I am always leaving comments why not share them with my readers.

      So, you can relate to the “notion” of starting over? I get it, you’re really where you are supposed to be and the pressure of being someone else or being somewhere else comes from sometimes outrageous expectations.

      So maybe, instead of thinking that I am starting over, I should say I am just in another chapter in my life.

      Thank you, for sharing your thoughts. I love learning from other independent women.


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