My Response To… ” My Husband Makes Me Lazy”


Kenya of has a few funny post on her blog where she shares her random thoughts. The entertainment writer who’s written for and Clutch Magazine talks about everything from procrastination, to the benefits of having an alter ego. However, she really got my attention with her title “MY Husband Makes Me Lazy.

“I’ve always maintained a pretty solid work reputation as someone who excels and is extremely reliable.  At home, on the other hand, I’m ashamed to confess that I suffer from a semi-permanent damsel-in-distress status,” said Kenya. She rambles off a serious list of things that she depends on her hubby to do instead of doing herself. She admits that even her mother is afraid that she will become one of those wives that’s “pampered” and “clueless.” After her confessions of having a lazy side, she decided to do better. “Moving forward, I will make an effort to bring home the take-charge attitude I have at work,” she said. Well, of course I had a few words to say. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with having a lazy moment every once in a while as long as you don’t become clueless.

My Response…

I started to read this post because I can relate to the title. My husband makes me lazy, because all I want to do is watch TV in bed while laying on his chest, ( I guess that’s some newlywed stuff.)

Anyway, this is a funny post. I can relate to asking him to do what I know darn-well I can do for myself. But the way I see it, one of the benefits of having a husband is having someone you can rely on when you’re having that “I don’t want to be supa woman, can I just be lazy moments!”

What’s Your Response?


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