“A Couple of Things” By Candie – A Side Hustle that Makes a Fashion Statement


I have a few accessories from ACOT by Candie. Recently I sported a hand-bag from the ACOT collection among fashion bloggers and trend-setters, some who asked where they can get my bag. I knew then I had to talk about “A COUPLE OF THINGS” by Candie.

Candice McIver-Purdie a.k.a Candie of “A Couple of Things,” was always a girly girl who loved to play dress up. However, her love for accessories came after she realized that she can use accessories to update her old wardrobe in a way that would save her money.  “I felt like I needed a whole new wardrobe, but I could not afford to buy a whole new wardrobe,” Candie said. So she bought accessories instead and eventually learned how to style outfits in more ways than one.ACOTCollageborder

She became an expert in accessorizing. Candie explained how she turned a black dress into multiple outfits over the years. It’s been almost a decade since she needed a new wardrobe, she chuckled at the thought.

Family, friends and even strangers complimented her versatile style. They would often asked where they can get what she was wearing. Sometimes they asked for advice on what they could add to spruce up their look. It was only after brainstorming for a fundraiser idea, that Candie decided to provide a service that would give the people what they wanted. The stylish Brooklynite, soon became “the go to girl” for accessories who would often tell her clients they must accessorize. “Whether you do a little or over the top, make sure you just do it, accessorize!,”Candie said. Teaching women who wanted to be different how accessories was their best friend.

Trying not to look like everyone had it’s challenges according to Candie. When she started the accessory business there were only three major stores that catered to plus-size women. If you attended an event, “9 times out of 10 there was a possibility of your outfit showing up if there was another plus-size girl there,” Candie said. To make sure she did not run into that problem she always enhanced her outfit with something like a huge necklace. So, “It doesn’t look like the same dress that someone else is wearing because I am doing it differently,” Candie said.

When it all started in 2005 the fashionista was just trying to raise money for another business adventure she wanted to pursue. However, the business has “created a whole life of its own,” Candie said. And the little girl who played in her mother’s heels, is now a business woman making a fashion statement with accessories. She is constantly getting calls from women who want to enhance their look. She offers a unique shopping experience at her boutique in Brooklyn NY by appointment only. She also work with clients via phone and internet. Clients have text her pictures of what they wanted and she has delivered.

If you need “A COUPLE OF THINGS” by CANDIE reach her via Main Phone : 347.347.4673  Mobile: 917.601.6783. She’s also on FaceBook & Instagram.


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