10 Random Questions Answered & Asked


My new writing buddy, Kenya of KG Edits nominated me to answer ten questions, in a little game called “10 Questions Tag.” She asked me 10 questions after she answered 10 questions from another blogger. I am super excited to participate! I consider this my first interview, “hee-hee.” Anyway, if you would like to get to know more about me, here it is!

KG: What’s one thing you would do if you weren’t afraid?

IK: Quit my day job, and become my own boss.

KG: Name the last movie you watched. 

IK: Top Five by Chris Rock. It was the worst movie I saw for the year! And to think I went to see it on my birthday. There’s a  review by The Drea Daily that sums up what I feel about this movie.

KG: Aside from blogging, what’s another pastime you enjoy

IK: Watching TV with my husband. 

KG: Describe yourself in six words or less

IK: I’m living my life!

KG: Name your favorite musician. 

IK: Chrisette Michelle is “Supa” talented.

KG: Where you were and what were you doing on New Year’s Eve 2014? 

IK: In bed. I won’t say.

KG: What is one of the happiest moments of your life? 

IK: March 30, 2014, I married my best friend. I was cheesing all day.

KG: How did you celebrate your last birthday (if you celebrate)? 

IK: First, my husband catered to my every wish for the day. We kept it simple with breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot,at the Fiddlestix Cafe. We then had an old fashion date night, with dinner and a movie. My mom and sister took me to a brunch that weekend. As you can see I celebrate my birthday with food ; )

KG: Name the most interesting city you’ve visited. 

IK: I would have to say Honolulu in Hawaii. It was nothing I expected, it had more buildings than NYC and more hills than Orange County NY.

KG: If you could take a peek at what your life will be like five years from now, would you? 

IK: No. As tempting as it is, I would go crazy knowing my future. I would try to make changes. Besides, my faith would be weakened because I would already know what happens.


So there you have it, my first interview y’all. Just kidding. However, I am glad to have been nominated for the “10 questions tag.” Now, I nominate…

Sherelle @CaramelRell, Yvonne Jane Lorraine @BCGdotcom, Cece @knowledgemaven, Marie Young @GdLknOutBLOG, and Karen Taylor Bass @TheBrandNewMom

  1. What does it mean to be an independent woman?
  2. What was your first job?
  3. What was the best article or blog post you wrote in 2014?
  4. What do you want to achieve in 2015?
  5. What is your favorite quote?
  6. What is your favorite book?
  7. What would be something people would be surprise to know about you?
  8. Who inspires you?
  9. What’s your favorite food?
  10. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Make sure to link back to this post, create 10 questions of your own, and then nominate 5 more people to participate in the tag. Leave a comment below telling me what you thought about my answers to Kenya’s 10 questions.

4 Comments on 10 Random Questions Answered & Asked

  1. Yeah, “Top Five” was pretty darn bad. (Thanks for linking back to my post, by the way.) I think Chrisette Michele is another slept-on artist. When is she coming out with new music? I love her song “A Couple of Forevers.”


    • The latest from Chrisette Michele is “The Lyricists’ Opus.” It came after “Better.” I I like Super Chris on that album. The Better album is HOT too, I used “A Couple Forevers” in my wedding.

  2. Great answers, Iris! Quitting the day job is totally scary, so I understand your hesitation. It’ll be a year for me in February & I’m still alive so I’d say freelancing is going OK! And yes Top Five was such a letdown, like I don’t even get the hype. Dang, your husband did his thing for your birthday! That is awesome. Ooh and Honolulu…I love Hawaii & am seriously considering spending next Christmas there. I would kill to be on somebody’s beach right now away from this winter weather.

    • Thanks Kenya for nominating me. When I am ready to be my own boss I guess I will just do it! I hear everyone surviving from it. I know it’s possible. That movie, no words. My hubby is usually really good about special days. I remember being on the beach one year for my birthday, so I am having withdrawals right now, trying to deal with NY chills, lol.

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